Note from the Editors
R.W. Lindsey
Z. Gugala


What Happens If TOA No Longer Exists?
H.R. Epps, MD
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Original Research

Accuracy and Reproducibility of Radiographic Knee Joint Space Narrowing Referenced to Measurements the Mid-Coronal Plane
J.A. Hipp, P. Goel, P.S. Newman, E.F. Chan
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Addition of a Vertical Tensioned Locking Loop for Krackow Suture Fixation of Achilles Tendon Repairs: A Biomechanical Comparison
R.J. Veurink, B.J. Lindbloom, C.G. Ambrose, W.C. McGarvey
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A Biomechanical Comparison of Coracoclavicular Ligament Reconstructions Using Free Tendon Graft and Suture Augmentation
J.E. Chronister, R.P. Morris, M.R. Labbé
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Reamer/Irrigator/Aspirator (RIA) and Intramedullary Fixation for Impending Pathologic Femur Fracture
J.W. Munz, A.L. Gale, R.A.W. Marco
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A Novel Variation of the 3rd Palmar Interosseous Muscle with Functional Analysis of the Effect on Moment Arms About the Metacarpophalangeal Joint
C.R. Andersen, H. Mitsuyasu, W.L. Buford, M.A. Shah, S.F. Viegas
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The Effects of Intramedullary Reaming on Residual Long Bone Biomechanical Properties in a Composite Femur Model
D.J. Merriman, Z. Gugala, R.P. Morris, R.W. Lindsey
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Musculoskeletal Injury Reporting by U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) Personnel
S.J. Molinar, K.E. Yancosek, L. Smith
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In Vitro Elution Characteristics of PMMA Cement Intramedullary Spacers Impregnated with Vancomycin and Tobramycin
A.G. Patton, B.Perez, MD, W.L. Buford
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Visualization of Experimental Bone Defects with Reduced-Radiation Dose Computed Tomography
J.J. Alexander, Z. Gugala, J.A. Hipp, Y.F. Kuo, N. Priddy, J.S. Croley, G.M. Garcia, R.W. Lindsey
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Optimal Protein Intake in Athletes
M. Resnick, D. Tennent, J. Patzkowski, A.E. Johnson
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Advanced Hip Analysis: Simple Geometric Measurements Predict Hip Fracture Beyond Bone Mineral Density
R.D. Boudreaux, J.D. Sibonga
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Case Reports

Compartment Syndrome as a Complication of Routine Knee Arthroscopy: Report of Five Cases and Review of the Literature
J.A. Cobos
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Giant Synovial Sarcoma of the Hand
E. Stautberg, S. Jain, M. Van Dellen
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