B.F. Morrey

R.W. Lindsey
Z. Gugala

Original Research

Abdominal Muscle Activity During Exercise Ball, Machine, and Floor Strengthening Exercises
T.T. Natividad, J.B. Dial, R.P. Morris, M. Nash, M. Brunson, W.L. Buford, R.M. Patterson, K.J. Garges
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Assessment of Volar Tilt Measurements with Variations in X-ray Beam Centralization Along the Longitudinal Axis of the Radius
R.A. Wagner, W. Junius, W. Krause, S. Cole, D. Lichtman
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Buddy Taping for Treatment of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries: A Cadaveric Study
A. Athiviraham, B. Zellner, S. Hunt, B. Ma, S. Luenam, D. Pichora, C. Watters
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Dysphonia as an Indicator of Impending Respiratory Arrest in Patients with C1-C2 Fractures
K.J. Park, E.G. Benton, J.K. Hubbard, M.L. Davis, C.D. Chaput
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Identification of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tunnel Drilling Technique Using X-Ray
G.D. Dumont, R.D. Russell, P.L. Wilson, K.J. Coyner, R.M. Cohn, A. Makani, T.J. Gill, W.J. Robertson
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Evaluation of Intraoperative Ligamentous Injury During Total Knee Arthroplasty Involving Resident Training
R. Joseph, R.A. Wagner, B.G. Webb
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Effects of Using Knee Savers on Lower Extremity Kinematics in Male Collegiate Baseball Catchers During Squatting
A.M. Gray, K.T. Ellison, B.A. Smith
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Mortality with Circumferential Pelvic Compression for Pelvic Ring Disruption in Polytraumatized Patients: A Retrospective Analysis of 1,639 Pelvic Ring Injuries
H.H. Seidel, M.J. Pommerening, C.E. Wade, J.B. Holcomb, M. Kumaravel, A.R. Burgess, J.L. Gary
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Biomechanical Properties of Conventional Versus Angular Stabilized-Intramedullary Nail Distal Interlocking Screw Configurations in a Distal Tibia Fracture Model
R.H. Shani, R.P. Morris, Z. Gugala, R.W. Lindsey
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Flexible Reamers Provide Similar Length and Safer ACL Tunnels Without the Need for Knee Hyperflexion: A Cadaveric Assessment of Flexible and Rigid Reamers
R.D. Russell, G.D. Dumont, W.J. Robertson
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Assessing Precision of the Radiographic Metatarsophalangeal Angle in Hallux Valgus
D. Molina, A. Padmanabha, V.K. Panchbhavi, C.R. Andersen
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The Case for Bone Health
G.L. Klein
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Case Report

Intracanal Sacral Nerve Impingement Following Percutaneous Iliosacral Screw Pelvic Fixation
M.L. Brennan, J.M. Hamilton, C.D. Chaput, M.D. Rahm
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