I consider it a great honor to write the foreword for the inaugural issue of the Texas Orthopaedic Journal (TOJ), and I approach it with pride. I am proud of my alma mater, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston, and the TOJ Editors for thinking of the idea and assuming the responsibility to bring TOJ into existence. I am also very proud of my State of Texas that it would generate scientific material and, with enthusiasm and interest, disseminate it in published form through TOJ.

The TOJ mission statement is both elegant in its simplicity and relevance—to disseminate musculoskeletal clinical and basic science endeavors to the Texas orthopedic community. There are numerous studies or podium presentations that deserve to be published but somehow do not to reach the orthopedic community, and are ultimately lost. Much of this valuable but lost material originates in the annual meetings of the Texas Orthopaedic Association. I am well aware that the initial sentiment of some may be that we do not need yet another journal. But with a moment’s reflection, one might further accept the great value of sharing orthopedic material specific to our training programs and to our Texas orthopedic surgeons that does not otherwise find its way into the published arena. In so doing, it should be a stimulus for both the residency programs and our association to improve the quality of our scientific contributions, and hence, our relevance.

With this TOJ initiative, I anticipate improved quality of the research by our residents and fellows, better communication of the Texas Orthopaedic Association activities, and a source of pride for the Texas orthopedic community. I am confident that the passion and perseverance of the TOJ Editors and their staff will assure this Journal to be of high quality and significance. I offer all involved in this very interesting, innovative, and creative effort all the best in achieving their goal to be beneficial to Texas orthopedics and the patients we serve.

Bernard F. Morrey, MD
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX